About Blake

I am a PhD candidate advised by Dr. Tom Williams in the Department of Computer Science at the Colorado School of Mines. I am excited to be finishing my PhD in December of 2021, and joining Harvey Mudd College as visiting faculty. I will be teaching Natural Language Processing at Harvey Mudd during spring semester of 2022. My current research interests include human-robot interaction (particularly verbal noncompliance and clarification interactions), robot ethics, natural language generation (especially pragmatics), and robot gender presentation. After graduating from Colorado College in 2016 with a computer science major and a minor in discrete math, I completed my Master's degree in computer science advised by Dr. Tracy Camp at the Colorado School of Mines. For my Master's thesis, I applied machine learning techniques to the task of extracting ostensibly private information from the encrypted traffic between an Amazon Echo and its servers. I have since been working towards my doctorate. I've enjoyed the opportunity to teach and TA for several classes at Mines, including Computer Science 101, Introduction to Linux, and Computer Vision. When I'm not working, I'm climbing rocks.